Zoft Capital has invested in the companies below. ZoftCap has both investments where the company takes a more active role as well as passive investments.

Vyer Technologies

Maps the part of the world that Google doesnn't, i.e. the private sphere. Building fully interactive 3D-models of buildings for more efficient asset- and property management and continuously updated drawings.

Year: 2021. Type: Active

Cinclus Pharma

Cinclus Pharma is a Swedish clinical-stage pharma company developing small molecules for the treatment of gastric acid-related diseases. Our lead candidate linaprazan glurate is currently in Phase 3 studies.

Year: 2016. Type: Passive

3E Flow

3E Flow changes something so basic and traditional as warm water management. A revolutionizing technology that almost eliminates energy losses, legionella and water damages. Successful pilot and now mass production.

Year: 2024. Type: Active

Studio Carnon

Creates wireless lamps for with unrivalled technology and mesmerizing design for a more sustainable world. With up to 500 hours of runtime per charge, this lamps will illuminate homes and public spaces all over.

Year: 2023. Type: Passive


Changes how real estate investors and credit companies (senior and junior) connect to ensure the right kind of capital at the right risk to the right asset.

Year: 2023. Type: Passive

Svenska Handelsfastigheter

SHF owns, develops and manages retail properties in close collaboration with its tenants and the municipalities in which they are present. Main focus is grocery retail and retail parks.

Year: 2024. Type: Passive

SVEA Talent

Talent Agency in Beverly Hills focusing on "commercial" and "theatrical". An expansion of the already successful Bounty Models, but this time we are focusing on actors/actresses. The Small Friendly Agent for up and comers.

Year: 2024. Type: Passive

Storasyster (Eng. Big Sister)

Storasyster supports persons who have suffered sexual violence or abuse of any kind. They support in every possible and impossible way. Click on the logo or contact me to learn how You can support this fantastic organisation.

Year: 2024. Type: Charity / Volonteer